Dredging Solutions has Dredge Engineers with over thirty years of experience on various types of dredgers for assisting in technical matters and works pertaining to electrical and hydraulics.

Dredging Solutions has an understanding with NMES marine for the repairs and trouble shooting of problems concerning Hydraulics and Pneumatics. NMES marine is one of India's leading Companies specialized in marine pneumatics, hydraulics instrumentation and Controls in India. They have been serving the Indian Marine industry for the past three decades.

Dredging Solutions has an understanding with MBG Systems of Netherlands for supply of various dredge monitoring and survey equipment and instrumentation. MBG Systems are specialized in the field of visualisation, maintenance and automation of dredging installations. MBG Systems also provides custom made service package for Dredge monitoring and Survey requirements. MBG Systems also supplies a range of spares commonly used on board all types of Dredgers and dredging projects.