Dredging Solutions offers Dredging& Reclamation and Dredging Related Solutions for the development of new and existing infrastructure. We provide solutions for offshore works, including trenching and backfilling works for subsea pipelines, cables, outfall, intake to name a few.

With Project Management and Execution:

Project Feasibility study
Project Risk Assessment
Preparation of Tender documents
Evaluation of tender offers by contractors
Project estimations and execution.
Tendering and Bid Evaluation.
Assisting in Negotiation
Assisting in Disputes and Arbitration.
Monitoring / Construction Supervision.
Quantity Certification.
Preparation of Project Documents
Setting up Standard Dredging Arm for Startups.
Geotechnical and Geophysical investigations.
Project Management and Planning for Dredging Contractors.
Resource Planning
Assistance in the forming of alliances, consortiums and Joint Ventures.
Dredging Contractor performance benchmarking.
Auditing of Dredging works.
Developing Standard Operating Procedures for Dredging Contractors.
Assisting in evaluation of inland / Riverine Dredging.

With Dredgers and associated Spread:

Identifying suitable dredging equipment
Hiring / chartering dredging equipment.
Benchmarking of performance & financial needs.
Purchase of Dredgers.
Identifying suitable dredging equipment.
Formulation of planned maintenance system for dredgers.
Third party inspection of dredgers.
Installation & Up-gradation of Dredging instrumentations.
Mobilizing experienced Operation Team.
Consultancy for new construction of Dredgers.